Seeking CEO

Se busca CEO


Seeking CEO for HIDDEN-NAME (unveiled at the end),

At least 15 years’ experience in very large companies, preferably multinationals, in CEO and MoB roles, having managed teams of over 50.000 people and overlooking budgets of billions of Euros.

Deep understanding of finance and economy, organization, team and people management, powerful leader able to communicate and generate excitement at all levels, visionary strategist but not utopist, with strong ethical and moral believes. Must be an influencer, but not a manipulator; empathic, but adamant. Good negotiator, conflict solver through assertivity. Heavy verbal logical reasoning capabilities.

Required is English and Spanish at native or full professional level. Desirable any of the co-official languages of the Spanish Kingdom, as well as any other of the EC languages.

Availability to move residence to northwest f Madrid, Spain (near Moncloa tube station).

Compensation package: 75.000 Euro fixed, plus over 100.000 Euro expenses. Fringe benefits: car with driver, bodyguard, invitation to a broad range of cultural acts, home and food provided, high visibility position.

Anybody interested, who accurately comply with the requirements, may get in touch with us at:

“If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys”