My new project

My new project is ready to launch. It works in the business-card space, and we designed it to relieve your contacts from the burden of introducing your data, one contact after another, every time you give a card. So far, it implies scanning, reviewing, fixing misspellings, sorting, and filing, etc. of your business-card.

The name of the project is, and you can see it at


The solution is as follows: you introduce your own data; only once. Then, you let your contacts go to a website where they can see these data, and easily download your card into Outlook, Gmail, Android, iPhone, etc. No misspellings, no scanning, no time wasted, and effortless.

Example to click:

View or Download my Card
Isaac Newton

Now, once you have your card in, how can your contacts find it?

First, you can use a text and a thumbnail of the card as the signature for your e-mails. It is a very professional looking signature; and very convenient, too. It shows a small version of your card, and it is an “active signature”. It doesn’t require to copy-paste everything to create a new contact into Outlook, Gmail or iPhone. Just a couple of clicks.


This thumbnail and the text will redirect to the site containing your data, allowing the viewer to download it with a couple of clicks into Outlook, iPhone, Android, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

The thumbnail is automatically generated by, based on a scan (or picture) of your card that you would upload. Then you can copy-paste it.


 There is another convenient way of sharing your card. will generate a QR-Code that will open your card. You can print it on your physical card, maybe in the back. The scanning of this QR will redirect to the website with your data.

Scan this example: Bidi-IsaacNewton


There are many other ways of sharing your card, and among them, you can simply send a SMS or a Whatsapp with the Knowee Code (URL) of your card. It will be received with a link to the card.
You can register and start using it for free at

You can