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Recently, I had a liquidity event. I am announcing that I have sold my shares in DIGI.Mobil (Best Telecom).This original idea has proven to be a solid great idea. And the execution has been to the level of the ambitious business concept. This new company has become a top class MVNO, at a European level, for market share, ARPU and profit.I am really grateful to everyone who believed in this project: Telefónica, RDS of Romania, and above all to the team of people who have been making this idea a reality; Marius Varzaru high up in the list, who takes full control from now, to Eduardo Vinuesa, whose support to me has been key, and to Ricardo de Domingo, whose advise is always wise.  Also, thanks to the ones who could have been into the project, but finally were not.Ill remain in the Board, and as an advisor, supporting as much as I can, as this is for me like a child that has grown up.

I cant conceive this as the end of my career, and I am still very young, so, Ill take it easy for a time, while thinking of a new venture and helping others, as a Board member, or any other way. Ill be available on the same emails and mobiles, and at The Thinking Room.

Jose Manuel Arnaiz.
Agosto, 2011